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Polystyrene features

Light Weight

Polystyrene is an extremely light weight material, typically weighing between 12 and 30 kgs per cubic metre. Polystyrene has many advantages over other materials in packaging and building applications, its lightweight characteristic is a major advantage in providing structural design.


Polystyrene is an inert, organic material, and therefore will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. It provides no nutritive value to plants, animals, or rodents. Polystyrene will last the life of most buildings in which it is used, provided it does not suffer physical damage.


Polystyrene has exceptional insulation properties, this makes it ideal for wall and underfloor insulation, external cladding of buildings and food packaging. Because of its cellular structure. Polystyrene is dimensionally stable, and will not settle over time and retain it thermal properties.

Shock Absorbtion

Polystyrene has excellent shock absorbing characteristics making it the first choice for packaging of a wide range of products including electronic products and computers. Its predictable characteristics enable packaging to be designed to suit each product.

about us

Manufacturer Direct

Based in Perth Western Australia, Polystyrene Industries are specialist manufacturers of high quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) products for building, commercial and custom mould requirements. Polystyrene Industries is a fully owned subsidiary of Joyce Foam Products.
Leading the way in the development of cost effective and practical applications for architectural, landscape and other building requirements, Polystyrene Industries have an advanced computer cutting facility to ensure your specific needs are met efficiently and with precision.

Key markets:
• General packaging
• Building and Construction
• Architectural moldings
• Pipe insulation
• Sheet insulation
• Landscaping fillers
• Blockouts
• Formwork (Precast)
• Seafood / Produce / Export / Medical and Catering Boxes

Our Products

Polystyrene Block

Polystyrene blocks are produced 1200mm wide and 630mm high in various lengths up to 3600mm long. Grades from SL to VH are in stock or manufactured on site to order. Contact us for your next project requirements.

Polystyrene Sheet

Polystyrene Sheets are cut to order. Sizes between 10mm and 600mm thick to a maximum length of 3600mm. Contact us today and let us know your next project requirements.

Polystyrene Boxes

Polystyrene Boxes are stocked in a range catering for seafood, produce and export catering to keep your perishables at a constant temperature. Contact us for a list of available sizes.

Polystyrene Packaging

Polystyrene Packaging can be custom made to your requirements, from packaging fill to corners strips and sheets. Contact us for your next project requirements.


Polystyrene Landscaping is used for backfill and topography changes without significantly adding load to the underlying structure. Contact us for your next project requirements.

Polystyrene Custom Profile

Our custom profile software allows us to cut any shape from circles and squares to odd shapes. Contact us for your next project requirements.

Polystyrene Design + Supply

Send us your design or contact us for a solution to your next project.